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Hanging Bells

Hanging Bells

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Here are five brass bells that sing harmonically together, in a sweet & gentle tone, like little angels singing in harmony. These brass bells range in size from an inch in diameter to one and a half inches and hang from a golden rope. 

Sunreed Meditation Tip!!

Each bell on the chime creates a small and sweet sound, each resonating harmonically with the next. There is an uplifting value to the sound of the chimes. For a simple meditation, let the bells hang from your finger, holding onto the loop on the top, and softly swing the chimes back and forth. Close your eyes, and listen as the sound of the chimes softly go one to the next. Notice in detail the begin of the sounds, and the sustain and the end of the sounds. As your attention concentrates, go down into the heart space and generate a sense of loving-kindness towards the sounds of the chimes. This is enough to begin to envelop the body and mind in a sense of wellness.