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Custom Tuned Clear Bowl Listings

Hand Tuned Clear Bowl Listings

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We are now able to produce any clear bowl that you would like, in the 3rd and 4th octave. This is an exciting new innovation in crystal bowl manufacturing. These bowls are made to order, so they take atleast 13 days to arrive to your doorstep. The lower in tone the bowl is, the larger the bowl will be. Generally, these bowls come between 5-9 inches, with the lowest being 9 and the highest being 5. The size varies slightly for each bowl, as each bowl is made and tuned individually. Below, please choose the notes you would like to receive. You can either choose pp 432hz tuning, pp 440hz tuning, or "other." If you choose "other", please let us know in the special instructions box at checkout how you would like your bowl pitched by telling us the cent or hz value you are looking for. If you have any questions please give us a call - 802-674-9585 or email us at admin@sunreed.com.

NOTE! If you see a 3 before the musical note in the listing, this means that bowl is in the 3rd or "lower" octave and will produce a lower sound. If you see a 4 or no number before the musical note, this means that bowl is in the 4th octave, or "middle" octave and will produce mid range notes. The only bowls that can be in the 5th octave, or "higher" octave are 8" frosted bowls. 

440h and 432hz Tuning: 440hz tuning is the standard tuning for instruments in the United States, in Europe and much else of the world. It means that the middle A note resonates just at 440hz, and all the other notes are tuned in relationship to A being 440hz. So, if you see a D, or G, or B on these listings, for example, we are not saying that those notes resonate to 440hz. Those notes are perfectly "in tune" to middle A being 440hz, so the bowls are perfectly in tune to classical standards of tuning instruments. 432hz tuning is if you take the middle A, and flatten it by 8hz and tune all the other notes in relationship to that. Many believe this gives the bowl special properties, though in our experience, we can just say it is a relaxing experience, where most of the sharpness has been taken out of the note.