Grounding Crystal Grid Kit

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Crystal Grid Kits are a powerful tool used for energy transformation and healing.
Crystal Grid Kits unite Sacred Geometry, focused intention and healing crystals to create a magical way to amplify and enhance energetic flows of healing energy.
Holding and setting a clear intention while working with the grid helps you align with the perfection of the sacred geometry and the unique qualities and vibrations of the stones chosen. This magnified energy is projected through the crystals and planted within you.

Crystal Grid Kits consist of all that you need to create a healing grid. First of all each kit comes in a bag that includes a wooden Seed of Life grid. Another separate bag holds 3 pairs of healing crystals (totaling 6), which are specific to each kit, a Clear Quartz crystal pyramid for the center and 6 Clear Quartz pointers to direct the energy. Also included are directions on how to set up your kit. Furthermore, a brief description of the qualities of the healing crystals is included. Finally, you will receive a positive affirmation to work along with your focused intention.

Our crystal healer looked at some common desires that we humans have, researched the crystals and as a result, created the following powerful crystal grids to address your deepest desires:
Abundance Crystal Grid Kit
Balance Crystal Grid Kit
Better Sleep Crystal Grid Kit
Calmness Crystal Grid Kit
Courage Crystal Grid Kit
Creativity Crystal Grid Kit
Grounding Crystal Grid Kit
Health and Wellness Crystal Grid Kit
Intuition Crystal Grid Kit
Love Crystal Grid Kit
Protection Crystal Grid Kit
Crystal Grids can be used in a variety of ways:

1. placed under a healing table, such as a massage table or chiropractic table during a treatment.
2. under a bed while you sleep.
3. under a desk or desk chair as you work.
4. on an altar or other sacred space.
5. place in the full moon for extra charged energy.
6. as a photo on your phone to recharge you during the day.
7. can be used to offer long distance healing for someone.

Putting together each of these kits has been a project of pure love and determination. Our crystal healer has cleared, charged and infused each crystal with love and healing reiki energy:)