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Golden Handle Tibetan Bell and Dorge

Golden Handle Tibetan Bell and Dorge

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This bell is cast in 2 parts; the top part being gold colored bronze with the face of the goddess which is the owner of the bell and the bell part made from bell metal. The bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect and the dorje represents the creative, forceful, male energy. During ceremonies, the bell is held in the left hand with the dorje in the palm of your right hand. The Dorje represents the method that grows compassion. The Bell represents Buddha's mind which is wisdom. Each time they are used it is to remind you to practice great compassion wisdom. Bell measure 7" Tall x 3" in diameter. Dorje measures 4 1/2" L x 1 1/2".

Sunreed Meditation Tip!!

Here is a simple meditation to do with these bells. The bell represents void of emptiness, with the sound and clapper as form or compassion arising and falling from the void. With this in mind, play the bell, slowly, and just listen to the sound as it arises, and sustains, and falls away, over and over again, arising and falling away in impermanence. Let this sound be a symbol of the impermanence of all form, as it arises, sustains and falls away, and the lack of sustaining coherence within this cycle. Here we both have a meditation for concentration, while listening to the bell, and as well a meditation of insight, peering into the impermanence of the rising and falling of all form.