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Giant 8 Bowl Set Of Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Giant 8 Bowl Set Of Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

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Giant 8 Bowl Set Of Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

What You’ll Receive:

               1 – 24” 3rd octave C Bowl –25 cents

               1 – 22” 3rd octave D Bowl –17 cents

               1 – 20” 3rd octave E Bowl –19 cents

               1 – 18” 3rd octave F Bowl –19 cents

               1 – 14” 3rd octave G bowl –19 cents

               1 – 14” 3rd octave A bowl –19 cents

               1 – 12” 3rd octave B bowl –19 cents

               1 – 12” 4th octave C bowl –20 cents

               8 – o-rings and strikers

               4 – silicon ball strikers

               4 – long rubber ball strikers

When And How Will This Set Ship?: This set will ship for free within the Continental United States with FedEx Freight. It will take an estimated three weeks to be delivered after payment. 

Product Description: Typically, 8 bowl sets play the key of C in the 4th octave (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C). This is in the 3rd octave, starting with a 3rd octave C and going up to a 4th octave C. In general, our ears and nervous system find lower tones more soothing. This set is almost the lowest an 8 bowl set of frosted crystal singing bowls can possible go.

This is the first time we have ever been able to put together a full 3rd octave 8 bowl set of frosted crystal singing bowls, that were well tuned to each other. 3rd octave C and 3rd octave D tones are rare to begin with, and it is fortunate we were able to have as well a 20” E and 18” F all very closely tuned together. The entire set is 8 cents difference, which is really close in the 3rd octave.

The bowls are all large powerful bowls. The 18” to 24” sized bowls provide incredible strength that encompass rooms with sounds. This would be a great set of singing bowls for a larger meditation room, sound hall, auditorium or yoga studio, for those who really want to have the sound of the bowls amplify a distance. This would also be a great set just for anyone wanting a really rare powerful set of bowls. This would also be a good set to put out, and keep out ready to play, as they are fairly heavy bowls to store and transport.

You can use these bowls in a traditional chakra meditation, or you an play beautiful harmonics and melodies. You can also play binaurals (see below).

Binaurals: Along with getting the full harmonic major scale, you also get many different binaurals between when playing two notes at the same time.

3rd octave C – 3rd octave D = 15hz beta

3rd octave D – 3rd octave E = 18hz beta

3rd octave E – 3rd octave F = 10hz alpha

3rd octave F – 3rd octave G = 21hz beta

3rd octave G – 3rd octave A = 23hz beta

As you are playing the bowls, you not only are able to create beautiful harmonies, but as well create very powerful and effective binaurals too. When you are playing binaurals with 18 inch bowls and larger, the effect is different than in smaller bowls. It is undeniable and captivating. It is a feeling of being consumed by the oscillation, cleared out, and then being able to simply go into a space of spaciousness from there.

Please Note: We are shipping this with freight, in very protective casing, so that the bowls safely arrive. If one of the larger bowls were to break, there is a good chance that we would not be able to replace the bowl. In the case of breakage, we will either refund you the value of the bowl, or replace it if possible. We are accepting no returns on this set of frosted singing bowls.