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Chakra frosted crystal singing bowl with educational book on the chakras

Frosted Bowls By Chakra W/ Free Book

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Frosted crystal singing bowls are a powerful tool for working with chakras. Frosted crystal singing bowls concentrate attention, making it easier to focus in and experience our chakra energies to do healing work. Though the ancient yogic arts from which our understanding of the chakras arise do not assign specific musical pitches to each chakras, many practitioners have found it useful to do so.  These are the primary pitches currently associated with each chakra, though other systems and methods can be used. 

In this set, we include

1- Frosted crystal bowl for the chakra chosen (see below.)

1 - O ring (to set the bowl on when playing.)

1 - striker for the bowl

1- copy of Anodea Judith's excellent compendium of the chakras: The Wheels Of Life: A User's Guide To The Chakra System.

If one is going to work with the bowls with chakras, we find it wise to have a quality understanding of the chakras, what they are, and how they work.  Doing so creates an exquisite tool for the practitioner to assist oneself or others in the healing and awakening process.  This is one of the best resources we have found to study and explore the chakras, their nature and essence, and how to work with them in a healing environment.

C - Root 

D - Sacral 

E - Solar Plexus

F - Heart

G - Throat

A - Third Eye

B - Crown

While it is true that you can do any chakra meditation with any pitch of bowl, and don't need to buy a specific frosted bowl for a specific chakra, many find these pairings as a helpful tool for working with there chakra system. Here we are offering a simple choice of selecting which chakra you would like to work with, and we will choose an easy to play and powerful frosted crystal bowl from our inventory to pair with that chakra. If you wish a perfect pitch bowl, please select individual bowls from our listings 'by size and pitch,' or call us!  Alongside of your frosted crystal bowl you will receive a copy of Anodea Judith's groundbreaking work, The Wheels Of Life: A User's Guide To The Chakra System. Anodea Judith is a premiere source for chakra education speaking from a traditional viewpoint to the western mind. She has a masters and doctoral degree in psychology and human health, and has dedicated her life to educating others about the chakra system. The Wheels of Life is considered a definitive work on the subject. With you crystal bowl purchase, you can now get a guide for weeks to months to years of working with and exploring your own chakra system.  We are also available to assist you through one on one training in person, by phone or skype, as to how to use the bowls in highly established healing methodologies.

Depending on which chakra you choose, you will receive the one of the following size bowls, depending on best availability at time of your order:

C - Root - 12-14"

D - Sacral - 11-13"

E - Solar Plexus - 10-12"

F - Heart - 9-11"

G - Throat - 8-10"

A - Third Eye - 8-9"

B - Crown 8"

Each bowl comes with an o-ring and a striker.

Sound Files

Here are example sound files for the sound of each tone

C Root 

D Sacral 

E Solar Plexus 

F Heart 

G Throat 

A Third Eye 

B Crown