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Flower of Life 18'' Drum

Flower of Life 18'' Drum

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The Circle of Life shamanic frame drum is a 18" Goat Skin Pakistani drum that has the circle of life painted on its hide. This Shaman Style Frame Drum is 18 inches in diameter by 2 deep.  The fixed goatskin head is mounted on a solid mulberry frame with a cross pattern on the back of the drum for an easy hold. These drums are really light weight, weighing 2 pounds at most. These drums are ideal then for longer ceremonies where you need to comfortable hold on and play a drum for over thirty minutes. The nature of the drum, as it is lightweight, and the skin is light, is that they are highly resonant. This is also the same reality with our goat skin Shamans drums. The vibration is easy to feel as it comes off of the drum, and it creates a good solid bass note. This is an excellent drum for shamanic drumming. It comes with a free beater.