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Elk 16 Sided Native American Frame Drums e16s1

Elk 16 Sided Native American Frame Drums e16s1

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13 Sided Native American Elk Frame Drum

Size: ~15 inches

Weight: ~3-4 lbs

When And How Will It Ship: These drums typically will ship the day of or after ordering. They ship with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: 1 16 sided Elk Native American Drum

Product Description: This is a 16 sided 15 inch drum with either Elk or Deer skin. Our drum maker recommends this drum in either Elk or Deer for the best tone, and for the life of the drum so we have decided to just offer them in those two skins. Each drum is made in the traditional way in ceremony and with prayer, with an understanding and respect for the animals and wildlife and wood from which they come. Making things in a medicine way strengthens the quality and integrity of the drum, and potential of the drum when you are working in relationship with it. This allows you to speak more directly to the wisdom world from which these medicines arise. 

The sound of the drum is similar to a 15 inch or 16 inch round drum, with both some bass notes and higher notes as well, with the tone changing higher and lower with more humid and more dry conditions. The cedar hoop is hand made, and is much lighter then circular hoops made from maple. 

For those working in a traditional way, the 'medicine quality' of the animal you are working with, may be the most important ingredient in making your choice. Elk was a great medicine giver throughout much of the mountainous regions of North America.  Deer offers the medicine of the Great Mother in indigenous traditions. The deer represents the softer side of the feminine, such as the Heart of Compassion. Indeed the Buddha is often represented as a deer for this reason. Using the hide, like of all parts of an animal is, in indigenous philosophy, a way of honoring the animal and of completing the circle of life.  We do this with great care and respect. 

We care highly that you get the drum that will best serve you. If you give us a call we would be happy to speak to you about the type of drum that you are searching for, and we commonly play these drums over the phone to help customers make the right choice for them. We would love to hear from you. contact us!