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Doorway to the Ancestors

Doorway to the Ancestors CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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In this practice, we shall explore and work with specific passageways of healing, especially those related to ancestral pathways which often hold key encodings and beliefs which may limit our realities and perceptions, of ourselves, and the world around us, and how we interact with them. WE carry many 'wrappings', 'sheaths', or veils of limiting beliefsand perceptions which are, often, handed down to us generationally, and which we may, also, carry with us through lifetimes without realization or resolution. Many of us, also, carry trauma and abuse from this and other lives which have not been fully healed or resolved, and which, both, dampen our emotional and mental fields, and limit our abilities to stretch into the greater truth of who we are as spiritual beings. These can be encoded at a physiological level, within our genes, or DNA encodings. It is here, when we enter the subtle (and subatomic) level of our being, entering the realms and spheres of light, that we can both dissolve these ancient encodings, and re-orient our awareness and existence around the Original Instructions of our most ancient lineages, which are pure, light, and filled with the essence and heart of Creation.