A synthetic, travel or authentic Aboriginal teak didgeridoo is a fantastic and versatile instrument. These instruments can be played alongside many instruments. Our customers and students have used the didgeridoo alongside crystal bowls, and also within therapeutic settings. To begin, we typically suggest getting either one of the synthetic didgeridoos within the 4 to 6 foot category, or, for greater ease, get either the spiral serpent didgeridoo, travel didgeridoo or stereo didgeridoo. Any of these four options will be a great choice to start to learn how to play the didgeridoo well.


Sunreed Tip!: To play a didgeridoo, simply vibrate your lips as loosely as possible. You will make a sound that is like a horse. Now put the end of the didgeridoo up to your mouth, and do this same action with your lips. The biggest mistake people make when trying to play a didgeridoo is tightening their lips to much. This is good for a trumpet, but for a didgeridoo, the looser the lips the easier time you will have to make a noise. Once you figure out how to make a basic bass note with the didgeridoo, you will start to get a good feel for playing the instrument and can tighten your lips a little and use your throat to make different effects. 

2 Results (See Below)

2 Results (See Below)

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