Crystal Singing Bowls - Where to Begin Gift Set

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Crystal Singing Bowls - Where To Begin Gift Set

With all of the wonderful Quartz Crystal Singing bowls, where do I begin?  Or, better, yet, what makes a good gift idea for those who have always wanted one? We have created a detailed guide to help navigate crystal bowl purchasing. You can see this guide HERE. We can also consult with you over all the choices, but we make this simple recommendation to help you make an easy decision:  Feel free to Contact Us

A great place to begin though, or gift idea for a loved one, is a 12" Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls in the key of C or D, your choice, with a purple carrying case, for great care and protection, and quartz crystal striker to play.

We are offering a 12" C or D here for a few reasons. The keys of C and D are relatively lower tones, that people can relax into, and as well, both are easy to tone with whether in lower and higher vocal ranges. The key of C or D are used by many of the most well known therapeutic sound healers. The C relates to the Root Chakra and D relates to the Sacral with the Western Chakra Tradition. 12" is as well a great size for a starting bowl. It produces a good volume, is easy to play, is not too heavy, and is small enough to store simply. We will carefully select a 12" C or D bowl from our inventory that we believe plays easily with a great quality tone. 

We keep track of all singing bowls our customers purchase. If you would like to add on harmonics, or expand out to a chakra set in the future, we will have record of the exact 12" C or D bowl you purchased, and can match further bowls harmonically with this one.

Key Of C Sound File

Key Of D Sound File

What You Will Receive:

1 - Carefully selected 12" C or D Frosted Singing Bowl, chosen for its ease of play and quality of tone

1 - 12" Purple Nesting Carrying Case, with thick padding for excellent protection

1 - Quartz Crystal Striker, to get rid of the scratching tone between the bowl and the striker

1 - o-ring, to place the bowl on the floor

1 - suede striker 


Retail For This Set:

12" C or D Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl : $189.98.

12" Purple Nesting Case: $145

Quartz Crystal Striker: $30

Total: $364.98 + shipping

YOUR COST: $329.98 + shipping


If you would like further advice, please Contact Us.

Also please view our Crystal Bowl Purchasing Guide where you can find a lot of useful information about crystal singing bowls. CLICK HERE

Last, here is a site that has sound files for crystal singing bowls through 2 octaves, from a 3rd octave C to a 5th octave C. Please use this as a guide to see which tone you really enjoy. CLICK HERE