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Koshi Chime Gift Set w/ Deluxe Stand

Koshi Chime Gift Set w/ Deluxe Stand

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Koshi Chimes, available in fire, air, wind and earth, are truly elegant wooden chimes, sweetly singing harmoniously, bringing clarity and joy to the room. It is handmade at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Inside the chime there are 8 silver rods that ring in 8 different tones, together creating mesmerizing under and overtones. Great for sound healing and therapeutic use, or for your own enjoyment. Get one, or get the whole set of four, and enjoy the benefit of their wonderfully tuned charm. Great for gifts or your own use.

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These Koshi Chimes as well come with our Deluxe stand, which hold the koshi chimes beautifully. The stand can be used to display the chimes, as well as play the chimes in ceremony or meditation with a client or group.


Simple Sound Meditation

The Koshi Chime is often used in sound baths, accompanying the drone of a crystal bowl with its angelic melodic chimes. Though, koshi chimes can also be used personally very much the same way as a rattle or bell. The koshi chime in total will create a rich tapestry of sound to attend to. Here is a simple meditation. Close your eyes. Hold the koshi chime with your finger, and gentle sway it back and forth. Hold the intention that you are going to let your attention sink into the sound of the koshi chime as it plays. Follow the sound of each chime as it sings, from beginning to end. Do this for a few minutes, while slowly breathing in and out.  This technique is enough to begin to feel a calming within, and a focusing and relaxing of the mind and body, and can be used for a quick recharge for your mental clarity during the day.

All 4 Koshi Chimes
Koshi Chime Fire
Koshi Chime Water
Koshi Chime Air
Koshi Chime Earth