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Clear Perfect Pitch 432hz 12" D -33 cents

Clear Perfect Pitch 432hz 12" D -33 cents

$70.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

This is a beautiful perfect pitch 432 hz very high quality clear bowl.....of the highest quality voice and resonance.  A very thick wall, stable, flat bottom.

This is a very high quality, pure, rich tone, clear bowl.  It's low pitch is a third octave D, -33 cents.
The bowl comes with a striker and O ring.

It has excellent tonal qualities.
For bowl cases view here.

We recommend the Special Purple or Nesting cases (great if you have other bowls to carry with it.)

Most clear bowls of this type may have a few air bubbles in them.

Watch for a video or sound sample of this bowl available soon.

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