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Perfect Pitch Harmonic/Binaural Set

Clear 432Hz Harmonic Set (C, E, G) with G Binaural (440Hz)

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$65.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This is a special and somewhat rare set of high grade clear bowls.
It is composed of 4 perfect pitch bowls, 6-8" in size, in the 440 and 432hz range.

There are three harmonic bowls in the 432 hz range, a perfect pitch 8" C, 6.5" E, and 6.5" G, all in the 4th octave (middle C octave, the octave most chakra sets are in.)

There is a 4th bowl which is a perfect pitch 440 hz 6.0" G, which creates a theta binaural with the 432 hz G.

The harmonics create an excellent set for deep relaxation, insightful meditation, feeling states of tranquility, openness, spaciousness and beauty.

The binaural creates a theta oscillation, which is known to open us to deep inner meditative states, but has also been used in shamanic traditions for opening gateways to inner states of perception, or 'other worlds.'

Watch for video or sound files soon to be posted.

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2 educational videos accompany this set, as do suede strikers and best quality white O-rings.