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Classic Bina 23B Travel Harmonium 3.5 Octave

Classic Bina 23B Travel Harmonium 3.5 Octave

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This is a classic high quality harmonium, with folding top to allow for ease of transport.  Full 3.5 octave, 2 reed, 9 stop, excellent voice and key movement.

Available in Teak or Rosewood (darker) finish

A440 Pitch
Set of 2 Bina Special Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male For Rich Sound
3 1/2 Octaves
Total 42 Keys
9 Stops
Organ Tuned
Coupler Function - Helps to Play two octaves of the same note at the same time and Produces Richer Sound
Teak Color
Instant Response Keyboard - No Lag Time
Multi-Fold Bellows For Easy Pumping & Consistent Sustain
Air Leaks are Checked for Longer Sustain
Full Wooden Top Cover
Bright Nickeled Brass Knobs
Portable Folding Box Type Harmonium
Glass Frame on Keys
Made With Dried Indian Wood - Tun Wood

â?? Harmonium Dimensions: Open - 24 x 10½ x 11 Inches approx. (+/- 1 Inch)
Close -24 x 10½ x 7 Inches approx. (+/- 1 Inch)
Weight: 12 to 14 KG approx

One Bina Folding Harmonium, Teak Color
One Padded Gig Bag
One Harmonium Learning Book