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Children's and Adult Pocket flutes

Children's and Adult Pocket Flutes

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Excellent smaller, soprano Native American Style 5 Hole Flutes is made from walnut, Spanish, or fine aromatic cedar with traditional five hole tuning,and a fancy whistle block.

These Pocket Flutes are great for children, for those wanting a simple flute to travel with, or those with small hands.  They are available in the key of "A" minor and are offered in three different woods: from the top to bottom in picture, Walnut, Spanish Cedar, Aromatic Cedar

Note: the look of the flute may vary slightly from the picture.

These flutes are finished with a non toxic oil which gives them a bright, clear voice and provides creative fun for all ages.

These are our highest octave flutes, and are great for accompanying other deeper octave flutes.

The Pocket Flute easily fits into the pocket or back pack.