Children Sized Native American Frame Drums

Children Sized Native American Frame Drums

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Sunreed's Traditional Native American frame drums are handmade by a First Nations North West Native American shamanic drum maker. He apprenticed with a Lakota maker, and his shaman drum styles are in the Lakota/Plains style of traditional hoop or frame drums. He handcrafts beautiful, shamanic/medicine drums which will withstand the rigors of long and intentional use! The drums are strong and durable. They are laced very tight which allows them to be played in a greater range of environmental conditions. The full wrap gives a beauty and helps with the tightness of the drum and durability of it. For instance these drums will last longer in humid conditions than many other drums that we have played.


Each drum is made in the traditional way in ceremony and with prayer, with an understanding and respect for the animals and wildlife and wood from which they come. Making things in a medicine way strengthens the quality and integrity of the drum, and potential of the drum when you are working in relationship with it. This allows you to speak more directly to the wisdom world from which these medicines arise.

We are offering 12 and 14 inch drums for use by children. The 14 inch size is better for children who are 12 year old or older, and the 12 inch size is better for young children. The drum comes with a simple drum beater.


For those working in a traditional way, the 'medicine quality' of the animal you are working with, may be the most important ingredient in making your choice. For those in the Great Plains, Buffalo was the Great Gift of Spirit. In the East, Moose serves much the same way. Elk was a great medicine giver throughout much of the mountainous regions of North America. Horse, though not indigenous to the Americas, has become a real medicine ally to its indigenous peoples; and, it is one of the most popular medicine animals in Europe, where the indigenous peoples there worked with the horse as a tremendous ally, and continue to where indigenous peoples still survive, such as in Mongolia. Deer and Bear (when available) offer the medicine of the Great Mother in indigenous traditions. The deer represents the softer side of the feminine, such as the Heart of Compassion. Indeed the Buddha is often represented as a deer for this reason. Using the hide, like of all parts of an animal is, in indigenous philosophy, a way of honoring the animal and of completing the circle of life. We do this with great care and respect.