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Cedar Sitar by Alan Suits

Cedar Sitar by Alan Suits

$175.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

This beautiful one of a kind, double gourd Ravi Shankar style  sitar was made by American luthier Alan Suits. Here is his description of the instrument:

This sitar incorporates various details that I have found make a great instrument. All Spanish cedar- this wood is virtually identical to Indian toon wood- with a 35 year old walnut fingerboard. The fretboard is flat  which makes jewari setting for tarafs much better. The taraf eyelets are bone with a back slot design, much stronger than the usual style with a central drilled hole- those frequently split. The back slot design is virtually unbreakable. Pegs for main strings have a flat head profile as often seen in vintage sitars before 1940. This shape is easy to turn and easier on the hands. The ledges for the frets are flat which enables the frets to be seated very level and solid- these frets will not move  during playing but are easily moved for tuning. All the ornaments are camel bone, no plastic or celluloid. Soundholes are occasionally found on India-made sitars and I find they improve volume and projection greatly. The tailpiece incorporates my own solution with brass pins for each string. This makes restringing easy and neat without the string-end hazards on traditional layout with a single pin for all the tarafs. The construction is all-hide- glue as used on the best violins and guitars. The finish is  classic French polish, only natural   shellac  and  alcohol , no stains or color added.

The price includes a single gourd fiberglass case (upper tumba must be unscrewed for travel).