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Tips For Purchasing A Harmonium

Quick Tip For Purchasing Harmoniums And Other Indian Instruments

The most important thing when buying a harmonium is…the person you are buying it from!

We have sold harmoniums and other Indian Instruments for many years, working with different distributors in India and in the United States trying to find products that were reliably high quality, each time.

This process has been challenging, and we have decided to take a different route.

The manufacturing of thee instruments in India is still a cottage industry, with people making these instruments with knowledge passed down for generations, by hand, with simple tools, often times on the floor. The instruments are packed up, and oftentimes when they reach the United States they are in various states of disrepair. We have had many shruti boxes with glue all over, or many harmoniums with the bellows loose, or perhaps a little piece of wood inside the harmonium had broken. Buying instruments from India, and offering them to a clients in the United States is not simple.

This is where Nic Dillon, and his company Old Delhi Music, has changed the market in the United States for Indian Instruments.

Old Delhi Music runs their own factory in India, where they have been able to put in quality control measures. This ensures that their Bhava line of harmoniums are one of the most reliable and highest quality harmoniums you can buy in the United States.

Nic is as well an instrument repair expert. Every instrument that he imports from India goes through his hands, to make sure that it is the highest quality possible when it reaches your doorstep. A purchase with Old Delhi Music for your harmonium, sitar, shruti box, tanpura or tablas is one you can make with confidence.

Old Delhi Music has a success rate of over 99%!

We are no longer selling Indian Instruments at Sunreed Instruments, in order to say that, for your Indian Instrument needs, please contact Old Delhi Music. Their staff will offer you expert guidance and service to provide you the best harmonium for your needs in the country. They even tune to 432hz!