6 to 7 inch

Here are our clear quartz crystal singing bowls, available in the sizes of 6 to 7 inches.

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Also, please read the following for how to read cent value and navigate our crystal bowl listings.

How To Read Cent Value

Cent value is a modern way of distinguishing small variations in pitch that occur in a single note. According to cent value, there are 100 cents between each note (C, C#, D, etc.). Please refer to the graph below. As you can see, if the tone is at 0 cents, then it is a perfect pitch tone. So a 0 cent C tone is perfectly in line with western standards of tuning. As the graph shows, on either side of a perfect pitch 0 cent note are 50 cents before you reach the next note.  If you have a +45 cent C note, it is +45 cents sharp of a perfect pitch C, but not quite sharp enough to be considered a C#. If you have a -45 cent D note, it is -45 cents flat of a perfect pitch D, but not quite flat enough to be considered a C#.  As you go past 50 cents, then you get into the next note.  Example: a +55 cent C# would be referred to as a -45 cent D.

|----- (-50)----(0 C Perfect Pitch)----(+50)----|----(-50)----(0 C# Perfect Pitch)----(+50)----|----(-50)----(0 D Perfect Pitch)----(+50)----|

In the crystal bowl world, Perfect Pitch 440hz is considered as anything -10 to +10 cents. '0' cents is absolute perfect pitch, however, the normal human ear does not hear the distinction below 10c of variation well, so the crystal bowl industry determines that anything within +10 to -10 cents is 'perfect pitch 440hz'. When you order with us directly through email or over the phone we try to keep the different to + or - 5 cents instead of 10.

In our frosted bowl listings, in the title of each listing, you can find the cent value of the note.  Please use this cent value to fine tune your crystal bowl selection. If you need any assistance please give us a call or email us at