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8 Bowl, Rainbow Quartz Crystal Handle Bowl Set

Buy Individual - 432hz or 440hz Rainbow Handle Bowls

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We have a select amount of rainbow handle bowls we are offering individually with or without handle bowl boxes. These rainbow handle bowls are painted on the outside the following colors:

C - Red

D - Orange

E - Gold

F - Green

G - Blue

A - Purple

B - Silver

High C - Gold

We have these bowls available in 432hz and 440hz. 

These bowls play very easily, and with the handle bowl box are able to project their voice well for small clear handle bowls. With the handle bowl box you have the benefit of either playing the bowl in the box, or taking the bowl out of the box and moving around with it. You can also do other things not possible with a frosted bowl, such as put the bowl and box in your lap in a relaxing chair, and not needing to just play the bowl on the ground. 

The boxes are designed by our staff, and built to be sturdy, safe for the bowls, and highly functional. However these are roughly cut wooden boxes.

Our clear handle quartz crystal singing bowls are made from 99.99 percent pure quartz crystal and are only sourced from manufacturers that we place 100% trust in to provide you with the best possible singing bowl experience. We guarantee the pitch, voice quality and easy playability of our bowls. We have higher standards for pitch precision then most other companies in our industry. Each purchase comes with the insurance that our staff is only a phone call away, holding decades of experience selling and helping people using quartz singing bowls to promote wellness. Also, with your order you will also receive a free striker.