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This product can be purchase at Old Delhi Music. We believe Old Delhi Music are providing the most reliable quality for Indian Instruments in the country, and are happy to advertise for them and give them our business.

Below you can find what Old Delhi Music has written about this product:

"The Bhava Classic is a new take on the traditional folding harmonium design. While most harmoniums are built out of square from low grade materials, this one is built true using only solid wood (no particle board) and best available components throughout. Add to this an unmatched refinement process, and the result is a harmonium that sounds, feels, and looks better than anything else in its class.Finished in a natural lacquer and built into a collapsible frame, the Bhava Classic is both great looking and exceptionally portable. Functionally, it's set up in a traditional Delhi style with 42 piano cut keys (3.5 octaves), 3 stops, 3 drones, twin horizontal reed banks with high quality bass and male reed sets, and a sliding volume control board (Jaali). Collapsed, this harmonium measures 23.5 x 7 x 12 inches and weighs just 22 lbs


- Padded Gig Bag

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- One month FREE access at Bhakti Breakfast Club -- hundreds of harmonium classes to explore!

- Expert tuning and refinement services completed at our shop in our Urbana, IL"