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Martial Arts/Staff Flute

Bamboo Staff Flutes/Martial Arts Flutes

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Sunreed Instruments' martial arts or staff flute. A unique hand-made bamboo instrument, used in specific martial arts tehqniques and as a walking staff, with a Transverse Flute in the top end. Our Staff Flute or Martial Arts Flute (modeled after a series of movies)is used in specific martial arts techniques and/or used as a walking staff. The flute is created in the body of one end of the staff. Zacciah, the owner and flutemaker has a staff flute that he made over 30 years ago that is still in excellent shape. Martial arts instructors and students frequently request 4'-6' staff / flutes used in specific martial techniques in their field of studies. The flutes are not guaranteed if used in contact arts, and cannot be guaranteed to withstand even walking, but frequently last long if rubber furniture tips are applied to the end used on ground surface.