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Bamboo Native American Style Flute

Bamboo Native American Style Flutes

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The Native American flute is a simple musical instrument, traditional to many indigenous cultures of North America. Often called "the love flute" because of its potent sweet quality, it was often used by young men in courting. The legends and stone paintings of Kokopelli, the hunchback flute player, abound in the southwest USA where he came to many people, bringing his gifts and song. The flute was and is used by many tribes as a sacred instrument, to offer prayer through the power of song. It is by far the simplest instrument to play which we make. I often tell people if you can blow out a candle, you can make a sound on this flute. It is that easy. Sunreed Instruments offers these flutes traditionally tuned to minor pentatonic scales (5 hole, 5 note) and the major Western scales (diatonic: 6 hole, 8 note) as well. We offer our own designs of the traditional Native American Style Flute. Made of bamboo, with a hardwood "bird" fitting, and rawhide strap, you will find these instruments have as rich and haunting of tones as the more traditional cedar and hardwood flutes, also available.