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Bamboo Didgeridoo

Bamboo Didgeridoo

$20.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

Currently these are not available in over 4' sizes.

Our instruments, made from bamboo, with a wax mouth seal, are burned with simple designs, and lacquer finished for longevity. They have every bit the tonal quality of the authentic Australian instruments, while costing far less. Complete instructions are included. Sizes vary but usually are within 5 in. of upper length. 4 ft. didg is very good starting instrument. Smaller sizes have less of the depth often wanted from a didg. Larger sizes are generally a bit harder to play, with breath & control. Experienced players often enjoy the larger sizes: 4.5" & 5 ft. are popular sizes. Instruments are tuned. Can ask by pitch and will advise what is in stock.