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Bass Bamboo Clarinet pictured

Bamboo Clarinets

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Bamboo Clarinet


Sizes: Bb – 15” / G – 19” / Eb - 22”

Weight: ~2-3 lbs

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute usually take 60-90 days to make. Expect that you will receive your flute within 3 months after ordering. 

What You’ll Receive: 1 Bamboo Clarinet made by Zacciah Blackburn

Product Description:

Our bamboo, clarinets are unique to our flutemaker.  These clarinets have the tonal quality of a clarinet.  Our soprano instruments are 14-17" are best for kids and  folks with small hands.  Bb soprano is an excellent overall choice, a traditional key, very popular among traditional clarinet players.  Check with us for size to best fit your hand stretch. (The ten hole configuration of these instruments makes for a more difficult stretch than many other open holed wind instruments.*) 

Guaranteed Professional quality tuning: Professional quality clarinets are individually created instruments, which assure the highest quality pitch and intonation, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the purest professional. Extra care is placed in every aspect of creating these finest quality instruments, from preparation, to tuning, to bore, to finish. Cedar and Walnut instruments are each professional quality.