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Authentic Q'ero Mesa (Peruvian), Red

Authentic Qero Mesas

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$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Authentic Q'ero Mesas, Peruvian altar cloths, used to carry one's bundle of precious cuyas (sacred stones) and other sacred items.  These are woven and handed down by authentic Q'ero elders and shamans through Zacciah's connections with the Q'ero in Peru.  The beauty and quality of the Q'ero handcrafts are exceeded by none in the Andes.  They are considered the "High Wisdom Keepers" of the Andean mysteries, as their culture was lost for centuries to the West, only re-discovered in the 1950's.  And, thus, they carried on the true traditions of their ancestors without interruption.  (Zacciah is an initiate of the Q'ero path, and teaches Andean and other Earth Mystery programs at http://www.TheCenterOfLight.net )

These are the only two Mesas we currently have, and cannot anticipate when more may be available.  Choose "Red" or "Brown" for prevailing color.
These measure roughly 25"x26" red and 25"x29" brown.