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Angel Bells

Angel Bells

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Here are three bells that sing harmonically together, in a higher tone, like little angels singing in harmony. The bells are small, just over an inch in diameter, and hang from a short braided rope. These are a product of India.

These create a soft ambient sound that can be used as you intend, for relaxation, in meditations, rituals or a sound practice. There is not 'preset' condition to their use, they are simply a sweet sound to enhance your work and life, however you choose to. Hang them in a doorway and brush past them in the morning to 'awaken' you to the beauty of the day, play them with your children or infants (small parts, don't leave them alone with them,) to enhance their would you like to use them!
There are no rules!!

Sunreed Meditation Tip!!

Each of these bells creates a small and sweet sound. Use just one of these bells in this meditation for an effective way of cutting through the meandering mind and sinking into the present moment. Close your eyes and hold the bell close to your face, so you can have an intimacy with the sound. Shake the bell slightly, so it only makes 1-2 sounds, and listen to the sound of the bell as it crescendos and sustains, and fades away. Notice as well the space after the sound totally fades away. Then, take a breath in, and breath out, and attend to the breath through the process of breathing. After the breath, once again shake the bell, and repeat. Doing this for just a minute is enough to bring a better sense of clarity and presence to your experience.