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Alto Pentatonic Flute

Alto and Bass Pentatonic Transverse Flutes

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Sunreed Instruments alto and bass pentatonic transverse bamboo flutes are some of the largest bamboo flutes available anywhere. Hand-crafted, high quality unique instruments. These extra long flutes have especially deep, rich tones. They are transverse (side-blown) flutes, made from bamboo. They are tuned in pentatonic scales (5 tonal), traditional to Eastern and Native cultures throughout the world . The pentatonic scale is a system of notes complementing our traditional diatonic (major) scale. It is a tonal system of notes typical of many indigenous cultures of the world. The simplicity and harmonic increments of these scales make them especially easy to learn, and very useful in inducing relaxation or meditative states. They are made with 4 finger holes, making it easier for one to play larger instruments. (5 hole instruments are available for an additional $25 for student quality and $45 for concert tuning.) They have an individually colored, burnt-tone, lacquer finish, and come with warranty and complete instructions. The larger instruments have increasingly large finger spans, making them more difficult for those with small hands or stretch. Check with us for determining sizes you can play.