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Sunreed Instrument's Affiliate Program

For over four decades, Sunreed Instruments has been dedicated to providing honest and experienced guidance in the use of sound in meditation and therapeutic modalities. Our affiliate program is an opportunity to widen our family, to connect to more people, and help strengthen connection to awareness across the world. We welcome you.

How Our Affiliate Program Works:

Once accepted to the program, you will have your own unique affiliate link to our website. You can use the link in your emails, or social media posts, to send customers to our home page. Or you can modify the link to send customers to any page on our site. You will receive a 10% commission from a customer's purchase if made through your link. Most (but not all) of our products are available for commission. See exclusions in the rules below.

All Affiliates will be automatically accepted into our Reward's Program, and receive 10% off their orders of most products. Their Rewards Program discount can not be combined with any other discounts, coupons or orders earning Affiliate commission. See our Rewards Program for full details.

How To Apply:

We are offering our Affiliate Program to social media entrepreneurs who wish to help spread awareness, as well as professionals in the fields of medicine and therapy. This can consist of anything between pharmacology to massage to yoga.

You can be accepted into our Affiliate Program in one of the following ways:
1) Send us a link to your private therapeutic or medical practice. Please be honest. Any one can say they teach yoga, or are a meditation teacher. Please show us you are an active practitioner with either clients or paid performances. 
2) Send us a link to your social media platform, consisting of over 2000 followers.

You can send information to with Affiliate Program in the title of the email. 

We will review your information, and make a decision within one week of your application. If we decide we need to deny your application, we will let you know why, kindly, by email. If we approve your application, we will send you a PDF with tips for using our affiliate system.


1) All Affiliate's must have a Sunreed account.

2) All living in the same household as the Affiliate, can not use the Affiliate's link for purchase, though can use the Affiliate's Rewards Program account as the Affiliate desires. 

3) Affiliate's can not order for themselves using a different email address, in order to get both a commission and some other form of discount on their order. If it is found an Affiliate has done this, we will deny their commission.

4) Sunreed reserves to choose which products that are eligible for commission. The products that fall under the following categories are not eligible for commission:

1) Tuning Fork Attenuators
2) Bear Drums
3) Gongs & Gong Accessories
4) East Indian Instruments
5) Audio Equipment & Packages
6) Drum Paintings
7) Shipping, Handling and Taxes where applicable
8) Programs, Trainings, Therapies, Professional Consultations, and Retreats
9) All Items in our Gift Items Category, or starter sets that are already discounted
10) Sunreed’s Special Drum Gift Set (already discounted)

5) Affiliate's can not use advertising media (such as photographs, videos, or logos) or language written by a Sunreed Instrument's employee, for their marketing purposes without the written approval from Sunreed Instruments.

6) Sunreed Instrument's reserves the right to discontinue an Affiliate's membership at any time, for any reason. Sunreed Instrument's as well reserves the right to alter or discontinue the Affiliate Program at any time, for any reason. 

7) Affiliates will be paid over Paypal, per each commission. Affiliates may link their Paypal account through their Affiliatly account to receive payment.

8) Anytime Sunreed Instruments is offering a coupon code sale to their customers, Sunreed Instruments will temporarily suspend the Affilitate program for those products that the coupon applies to until after the coupon code sale has ended.