Advanced: Entering Illumination, Nov 5-6, 2022


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Online - Entering Illumination

Advanced Level Training 

Nov 5-6, 2022 

Zoom Online 


2pm-4pm ET



This program is next in our continuation of Advanced Level Studies.

This means its content will vary and evolve from its last presentation. (see evolving content below.)

It is only open to those who have participated in our Advanced programs in the last 2 years, or completed our Intermediate program the Star of Tara Series.

Recording permissions are required, but recordings currently will not be shared. We are encouraging this as a participatory program for our Advanced Students who wish to continue this evolutionary journey with us.

This program is appropriate for those actively seeking or accepting full responsibility for their evolutionary growth, self realization and empowerment.  It is for those prepared to dedicate or re-dedicate their lives to the empowered luminous being and knowing that arises from this acceptance, in service to the Greater Principles of the Cosmos.  There is a turning point when we have realized our own state of healing and wholeness, and turn to fulfill our destiny and purpose, in service to Creation.  The Advanced Classes are for those of our student population who have found this turning point, or are beyond it.  You must be part of our Advanced Students to enroll in this class.  Most other programs we offer are open to those still exploring the nature of their own healing, or whom have not worked with us before.  Private training and therapeutic sessions also are available to those still seeking such guidance in their healing path, or opening to our advanced services.

This is being offered as an ZOOM Online Event.


The Art of Seeing IV:  Illumination

The nature of the True Self is 'self liberating, self nourishing, and self luminous.'

In this practice, we shall continue the activation of our inherent luminous being.

As we do so, we enact more and more our direct realization of our connectedness to "All Life," to the very Heart of Creation.

It is through this 'direct experience' that we gain trust and knowing as to Who We Are, and Why We Are Here, are able to embody it, and explore and engage in our world with the crystal clarity of this inherent self.

This is the fundamental nature of human evolution, consciousness, and self realization, to discover who we are in relation to the very Nature and Principles of the Cosmos.

All great Wisdom Schools confirm this is something that can only be experienced, each for Our Self, not taught through normal cognition.

Zacciah and Dorothy are masters of guiding us into subtle world realities, within our own being, that awaken and nourish our sense of Authentic Self, and excitation of our Luminous Being.

We look forward to gathering with you again.


The Art of Seeing III:  Self Generation

Self Generation is the Art of embodying states of higher purpose and perfection.

It utilizes the being, knowing, and energies of realized deities to excitate our own awakened being.

By so doing, our seeing the nature of subtle reality in relation to our 'normal' perceived reality unifies, and allows us to walk in both worlds in that unified, awakened state.

We will speak more to this, and continue from content below.
But, our advanced students should know that no introduction to this course is necessary, and any content articulated may change at any time due to the evolutionary nature of this profoundly guided work.

The Art of Seeing II:  The Indestructible Vehicle

Seeing is the very nature and essence of shamanic and mystical wisdom.
The Art of Seeing into other worlds defines that essence.

The Art of Seeing is not about seeing 'other,' but about standing in clarity and pure vision, which allows us to see and walk clearly, through all worlds, and, thus, seeing, not only the worlds around us, but the Essence of our Being within, and its relationship to the vastness of the Cosmos.

The Essence of Being is the very nature and essence of who we are and what we do in this lifetime (fulfillment of purpose.)

The "Indestructible Vehicle" is the awakening and integration of this state of Inner Knowing of Who We Are and Why We are Here in our daily lives.  This activates the inherent state of concentrated awareness and lucid clarity, which allows us to proceed with clear action to manifest that purpose.  The cohesive principles arising in this state, of vast and naked wisdom, create continuity which become our indestructible vessel to proceed through life, awake, knowing, being, in fullness and satisfaction (defined as 'to make enough.')  

This creates the Perfect Union of the Diamond State within the Heart of Compassionate Wisdom, in pure relationship with the vast and multiple spectrums and Principles of the Universe.

From here we stand, we see, we act, we are, in completion, in harmony with and dedicated to those Principles of right and luminous being.

This class is for those who have, or are ready to, take full responsibility for their healing, and wholeness, and turn to view the world from that place of wholeness, to enter into service for the greater good of the World Community, and  the Greater Cosmos.



The very definition of ‘shaman’ is ‘one who sees in the dark.’ We could take that very literally, as one who sees into the night, the dark, the shadows, but my experience with shamanism is much more related to ‘one who sees into other worlds,’ into the normally unseen aspects of our universe, perhaps what the Tibetans call the ‘vast emptiness,’or ‘empty sky,’ the very nature of creation, the underlying principle of all life, as well as the energy that occupies the vacuum of our space, including our personal space.

Either way, our evolution as spiritual seekers, teachers, and practitioners rests in our ability to see into, receive, and integrate the wisdom and blessings of the unseen realms, and live from a place of conscious awareness of those blessings, and pass those blessings on to others.
In this practice, this is my method and intent.
In this program, I will draw upon the wisdom of the often unseen holy ones who accompany us in our daily lives, to tap into their wisdom and blessings, to draw that essence of light and beauty down through our holy template of being, and anchor and integrate it in our own knowing, awakening our own essence of light and beauty.

This is a ‘how to’ practice. Those who have been with me understand what this means.
I intend to articulate, perhaps in ways I never have been willing or able to disclose, methods of direct perception into other world states of pure being, methods of trust of our own inner awareness and perception, that we no longer doubt the truths we observe, or feel, from those other worlds; and to discourse the confusion that our society, our times, brings to us, that emasculate our understanding of our innate truth.

This practice is for advanced students of our body of work, only.
While we greatly respect those who have studied and gained adept understanding of the hidden realms, we have explicit methods of working, and will only allow those who have attended our advanced level practices, or those who have attended a minimum of ten days of our programming, and complete our review form for potential acceptance as an advanced student.

Many blessings 
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Every day of the class will be recorded. Please review the terms and conditions of having access to the recordings below.
Recording Terms And Conditions
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