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Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowl Chakra Set

7 bowl, 4th Octave Perfect Pitch Handle Bowl Set, 440 or 432hz

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This set is a perfect pitch handle bowl set, in either 440hz or 432hz tuning. Please choose which you would like.Because the bowls are all perfect pitch and incremental, the bowls will ascend the major scale perfectly singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti. When you get a set like this, you are able to now play different perfect harmonies, such as the perfect third or perfect fifth. In this set you will receive 7 bowls ranging from 8-5 inches in diameter - C (lowest), D, E, F, G, A, B (highest). These bowls are all in the fourth or middle octave. With each bowl you will receive a striker.

We are also offering these bowls with our handle bowl boxes. With the handle bowl box, you can put the handle of the bowl in the box and play the bowl without holding it. This allows you to play multiple handle bowls at once and use this set as you would a frosted bowl set. However, unlike a frosted bowl set, you can put the bowls up out of the boxes and move around with them. Also, because the bowls are held firmly in the boxes, the bowls play much easier and louder then if they were normal clear bowls. This is a great offer! The bowls look amazing all together inside the handle bowl boxes. 


This set may take up to three weeks to deliver after order.


Disclaimer: These bowl boxes are made for their utility. They will last a lifetime and are a real value for your handle bowl. They also represent a small fraction of the cost of what you pay for the bowls. We have gotten very good reviews of the product with people grateful to add this to their crystal bowl collection. In our experience it is 100% safe for your handle bowl and very useful, but these are made by us here at Sunreed Instruments, and we are not carpenters so this is not polished carpentry.


On 440hz vs 432hz tuning: 440hz tuning is the standard measure for tuning in most of the world. It means that the middle A note resonates at 440hz, and all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to middle A being 440hz. We can also get these bowls in perfect pitch 432hz. 432hz tuning is where you flattened middle A from 440hz to 432hz, and tune all the other notes in relationship to middle A resonating at 432hz. This gives all the notes a deeper richer tone that is thought by many to be more relaxing.