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Bindings for the Shakuhachi

7-10 Bindings

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We offer bindings to protect your Shakuhachi. Bindings are traditional on many shakuhachi. They are added to assist in diminishing the likelihood of cracking in bamboo. While any bamboo is subject to the possibility of cracking over time, especially in dry climates, we find that when bamboo is properly cured, finished, and cared for, binding becomes more of an aesthetic than necessary enhancement to the flute. Also, we find, over time, the bindings are likely to come loose, from general expansion and contraction of the flute. We therefore, recommend, if you wish bindings, you learn the knot, called "whipping", in order to maintain the bindings. Instructions on tying this simple knot are available in most any sailing, boy/girl scout, fishing, or flutemaking manuals. We will tie 7 to 10 bindings as we feel aesthetically balanced to that piece of bamboo.