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$182,34 (Shipping For Continental US)

40” Atlantis Gong

Size: 40”

When And How Will This Ship: This gong will typically ship the next day with either FedEx or UPS, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What Will I Receive?: 1 40” Atlantis Gong, with a traditional mallet, with an optional stand.

Product Description: The Atlantis gongs are very similar to Chau, though are unlathed. They do not hold their fundamental tone, and express higher harmonics more readily than a Chau, though do not crash as quickly as a Wind gong. What you get then is a wide potential for a varied tone between the low fundamental and higher notes of the gong. As you strike the gong this varied tone continues, and build to a shimmering crash. The larger in size you go, the more prominent the fundamental note becomes for these gongs. In the larger versions of this such as a 28” or 32” or higher, because you get such a mix between lows and highs, the gongs tend to roar a deep penetrating wave of sound. The unlathed quality of the gong tends to allow the sound of the gong to be less controlled than a chau gong, so there is a sense of wild potential with these gongs.

(Note: some sound files may not play until 10-15 seconds into the file)